About Giclee Prints over canvas

Giclee is a sophisticated inkjet printing method. It uses large scale printers and archival pigments scientifically developed to provide a high quality ink that is faithful to the original color and last many years without fading or changing. Giclee pigment printing can render subtle gradiations and many colors that would be out of range with other technologies. Pigment printing refers to the use of pigments in various states to achieve brilliant and long lasting work. All prints sold in this site are done over canvas (not paper) and are second to none in terms of archival and color quality. They are printed in European and American canvas of exceptional archival properties. After printed all my canvas are also coated with a proprietary resin to protect them from both, scratching and UV light. Giclee printing over canvas produce the finest reproductions and the ones that looks just as the original art.

Order of Original Painting

Although giclee printing over canvas result in high quality reproductions at lower prices, there is nothing that can compare to owning a hand painted, original, oil over canvas work of art. Not only you can admire the texture closely in an original but you will see that my paintings are done also with metallic powders such as, copper, aluminum, bronze and others. This means that those colors will change according to the light conditions and the location of the observer in regard of the painting. A giclee reproduction will show great quality and outstanding colors but the photograph taken of the original for printing purposes will only reflect one spectrum of the metallic colors only. I always advice the serious art collector and lover of my paintings to try to commission an original instead. You can contact me to discuss ideas and prices. A modest deposit is required to start the project and a date of completion is fixed. All the paintings commissioned by my costumers where send on time and sold to their satisfaction. Please remember that I ship these original paintings via FedEx in wooden boxes specially made for security purposes and peace of mind.

Shipping Stretched Canvas

Many of my original artwork shown on this website were sold in the thousands of dollars. My purpose on selling prints is to provide people who can not afford an original to be able to buy a high quality print that looks as if painted by brush on canvas for a fraction of the cost. For your convenience, the giclee prints on canvas sold here are already stretched over wood frames (please note this does not mean they are framed but that the cloth had been stretched as a canvas) and are ready for the customer to frame. These prints ship via FedEx Ground, USPS Express Mail or Priority Mail according to print size and destination. Please notice that I only ship to Continental USA and Puerto Rico. Accommodations can be made for International Shipping by contacting me. For security reasons orders of large prints to Puerto Rico are mailed enclosed in wooden cases which made shipping costs a little higher but ensures safe delivery.

Unstretched Canvas

For the most economic solution you can always order a giclee print over canvas unstretched. This mean that you will receive the print over canvas rolled and mailed inside a mailing tube. You save on cost of labor, stretching frames, and most shipping and handing charges. If you are handy, stretching frames are not overly expensive and you could stretch the print yourself. You can also take your rolled canvas to your favorite frame shop and have it stretched for a fee.

You can commission an original painting by contacting me at via the contact page at this site. International orders please contact us before ordering as well.