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Arnaldo Latorre is a self-taught artist born in the island of Puerto Rico. At the age of 26 he left the beautiful mountains of his country and traveled across five continents and more than twenty nations. He went on his own and without a steady form of income on a journey that lasted ten years. During that time he had dreams showing him many places and people to be met in the future leading the road to India and back. From bartender in Puerto Rico and fortune teller in the streets of Florence, Italy, to priest in a far away temple in the Himalayas Arnaldo's life is like a long, beautiful and sometimes terrible road that always has left him in awe. Living now in Tampa, Florida, Arnaldo Latorre paints oils and metallic powders over canvas producing only two pieces a year of stunning artwork that he sells to travel with the profits.

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Mission Statement
"There is beauty everywhere! It is only the untrained eye that cannot see it. I strive to bring beauty forward on each of my paintings so that the life of my costumers are enriched and enhanced by it. In a chaotic world where the ugly is glorified and presented to us constantly, I strife for a vision of calmness and beauty in the midst of the daily, worldly whirlpool."